Sea of Cortez

John Murry talks about the forthcoming “Sea of Cortez” graphic novel:

Sea Of Cortez. A collaboration between myself and Stephen Morton, with layout and design by Diane O’Reilly and merchandising/spiritual advisement by Anne Barber. Only 500 First Edition Numbered Copies Will Be Available. Brought to you by Hibernian Sweat Shop Publications™. Sordid and benign tales of my first (seriously fucking weird) attempt to flee the U.S. (unsuccessfully) to Mexico in search of cartels, God, and the birthplace of the one true fish taco. Horror and hilarity abound in equal measure. Sea Of Cortez is part one of A Short History of Decay – the fully collected “graphic novel” (ambiguous monochromatic propaganda) – and will be serialized beginning with this “comic book” on September 11th. So… Collect em all, starting with Sea Of Cortez!

Now available at John Murry’s Five And Dime Store… 

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