The Graceless Age

The Graceless Age is John Murry’s solo debut record, recorded and co-produced with the late Tim Mooney, a very dear friend and compatriot with whom John had worked extensively. Its limited release in 2012, in Europe, on Bucketfull Of Brains met with critical acclaim and has since been called “Album Of The Year” by a number of European critics, as well as being nominated for and shortlisted for The UNCUT Music Award Album Of The Year. Five years in the making, the record was completed by John Murry and Kevin Cubbins in Memphis, TN and was a collaborative effort involving a number of musicians assembled by Mooney and Murry.

The Graceless Age was released October 19, 2012, on Spunk Records in Australia and New Zealand and is scheduled for release in the U.S. on Evangeline Recording Co. on April 2, 2013, following Murry’s first European tour in support of the album.The April US release was followed by a deluxe 2CD package release in Europe on 6th May, 2013 on Rubyworks. The beautiful deluxe package  features six previously unreleased bonus tracks on a single disc – demos and alternate versions not used for The Graceless Age, an alternate version of “California” – as heard on this month’s UNCUT covermount CD sampler, and a cover of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “I Need You”. Also included is a lyric booklet with notes from the artist, with all this contained in a beautifully embossed double digipak sleeve.  Click here for Rubyworks Release.




Critical Accolades for “The Graceless Age”

Murry’s debut solo record was titled The Graceless Age… It was released in 2012 in the UK on Bucketfull of Brains and 2013 in the US and Australia on Evangeline Recording Co. and Spunk Records, respectively. It received critical acclaim from a number of magazines including being featured in the September 2012 issue of Uncut’ in which senior editor Allan Jones called it “a masterpiece” and gave it a 9/10 rating’, Mojo” gave the record a 5/5 Star review, and The Guardian called it ” a work of genius” also giving it 5/5 stars. NPR said the record’s “deep rock ‘n’ roll is alluring, emotional and infectious,”,… while the American Songwriter said it was filled with songs about “drugs and near-death experiences” that had “standouts everywhere.”…Q Magazine called it “Intensely beautiful… Like Father John Misty, Mark Lanegan and Josh T Pearson rolled into one really broken dream.”  (Excerpted from

Preview the track “California” and buy the digital version of The Graceless Age on Bandcamp: 

John Murry Bandcamp / “The Graceless Age”